Portal RFID Blocking Card Sleeve


The Portal RFID Blocking Card Sleeve keeps your ID and cards organized and protected.


When living in a world of digital currency, you need sleek, simple security. The Portal RFID Blocking Card Sleeve keeps your ID and cards organized and protected, making it the ideal daily essential.

  • Effective RFID blocking material shields the inner storage areas, protecting information stored on cards.
  • Weatherproof, stitchless construction.
  • Transparent recycled PU window displays ID, transit passes or other cards.
  • Secure Velcro closure.
  • Reinforced 10kg (22lbs) clip point.


dimensions: 10.6 x 8 cm [4.2” x 3.1”]
weight: 22 g [0.7 oz]

Additional Information:

What is RFID-Safe? Most passports and credit cards contain Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips containing your personal information. Identity thieves can purchase an over the counter scanning device to access and download your personal data from several meters away. To protect against this risk we offer products made with an RFID blocking conductive fabric layer where the yarn is coated with nickel and copper. We use a superior material that is RFID-safe for frequencies from 5MHz to 10GHz, most passports and credit cards are in the 10-15MHz range.



Leaner: Recycled polyurethane material used where windows are featured.
Cleaner:Repurposed fabrics previously incinerated.
Greener: Based on data from our supplier, 1kg of repurposed fabric results in a carbon footprint savings of approx. 1.8kg over manufacturing the equivalent new material. When recycled PU window material is used, there is an ecological footprint reduction of approximately 30% after transportation is factored in.
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