Meta Air Traveller Envelopes Combo


The Meta Air Traveller Envelopes are daily organizers with a translucent front display panel.


The Meta Air Traveller Envelopes are designed to perform double duty as daily organizers, while meeting the requirements of a translucent front panel to display toiletry items when clearing airport security. One of the definitions of the Greek word Meta is transcending, or going above and beyond. We believe that our simple, yet functional design with a reduced ecological footprint does just that.

  • Translucent, recycled PU front panel displays toiletry items at a glance.
  • Reinforced clip points tested to 12 kg (26 lbs).
  • Sold in sets of S and L; includes a quick clip.


dimensions: 24 x 18 cm [9.5” x 7”]
weight: 22 g [0.8 oz]

dimensions: 31 x 21 cm [12” x 8”]
weight: 34 g [1.2 oz]


Additional information

S, L – but only available as a combo



Leaner: Recycled polyurethane material used where windows are featured.
Cleaner: Repurposed fabrics previously incinerated.
Greener: Based on data from our supplier, 1kg of repurposed fabric results in a carbon footprint savings of approx. 1.8kg over manufacturing the equivalent new material. When recycled PU window material is used, there is an ecological footprint reduction of approximately 30% after transportation is factored in.
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