Laundry Valise


The Innate Laundry Valise has two compartments; mesh for your fresh goods and fabric to store smellier stuff.

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Never keep your dirty socks and underwear with your clean clothes again. The Innate Laundry Valise provides two pleated compartments; a mesh one for your fresh goods and a fabric one to store their smellier counterparts.

  • Two divided pleated pockets featuring mesh for clean clothes and a fabric one for used items to keep odors sealed inside.
  • Slim, pleated design packs easily, yet expands when clothes are inserted.


dimensions: 35.5 x 26 cm [14” x 10.2”]
capacity: 2 L [70.5 oz]
weight: 56 g [2 oz]


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Grassy Green/Slate Grey



Leaner: Efficient use of materials with minimum embellishment.
Cleaner: Woven fabrics dyed using best environmental practices.
Greener: You can have a positive impact on our planet through the gear you choose.
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