Carmanah Automatic Travel Umbrella


An umbrella big enough for two, but compact enough to carry everywhere.

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An umbrella big enough for two, but compact enough to carry everywhere. The Carmanah Umbrella is ideal for an environment like the Carmanah Valley, a temperate rainforest on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada that receives an incredible 350 cm/138” of rain each year! It stores compactly in wet and windy conditions and offers convenient features for everyday use.

  • Canopy provides 127 cm [4’2”] arc of coverage.
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle with automatic open-close canopy button.
  • Comfortable jacquard woven wrist strap.
  • Telescoping shaft uses tempered steel sections.
  • Wind-stable construction thanks to eight durable, fiber-reinforced canopy ribs.
  • Storage sleeve for stowing after wet weather use.
  • Canopy coverage uses a rainproof lightweight polyester fabric.


open length: 72 cm [2’4”]
stowed length: 33 cm [13”]
weight: 460 g [16 oz]

Additional Information:

What Does UPF Mean? UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and refers to fabrics rated for their levels of ultraviolet (UV) protection. Fabrics that have higher UPF ratings offer more protection. The fabric used in the Innate Active Travel Umbrellas is densely woven and darkly dyed. These physical properties provide good protection without the aid of further chemical treatments that current literature indicates are not consistent with best ecological practices.



Leaner: Effective use of materials with minimum embellishment.
Cleaner: Canopy fabric dyed using best environmental practices.
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