Active Travel Towel


These plush, 100% recycled polyester towels are great for lightweight travel or drying off after hot yoga!

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Ideal for hiking and adventure, these plush-feeling, 100% recycled polyester towels are the ticket for lightweight travel or drying off after hot yoga practice!

Developing the active travel towel was an exciting challenge, pushing our team to design many prototypes before finally settling on a recycled polyester yarn. We developed a short loop grid pattern that absorbs water well, while drying up to 30% faster  than comparable models with longer loops. We chose a silver ion treatment that provides a stable bond to the yarn and drastically reduces the potential for environmental hazards caused by silver being released into wastewater during laundering. The end result is a comfortable, quick drying, lightweight towel for active travel.

  • 100% recycled polyester yarn.
  • Quick drying.
  • Biocide-free, silver ion antibacterial treatment.
  • Mesh storage sack for air circulation when packed wet.



MEDIUM: Ideal for rigorous outdoor athletic outings.
dimensions: 65 x 32.5 cm [25.5” x 13”]
weight: 64 g [2.3 oz]

LARGE: The perfect size to dry off with after a dunk in the lake.
dimensions: 97 x 46 cm [38” x 18”]
weight: 134 g [4.7 oz]

EXTRA LARGE: Suitable for casual travellers, yoga and competitive swimmers.
dimensions: 137 x 72 cm [54” x 28.5”]
weight: 286 g [10.1 oz]



A: Machine wash in medium temperature water (less than 40°C/110°F). Tumble dry on low heat or reduce your carbon footprint by line drying after you've wrung out the excess water. Note: it is safe to use a non-chlorinated bleach when washing your Active Travel Towel, but the towel should not be dry cleaned. If you need reminders when you're in the field or beyond web access, there are care instruction symbols with all of this information on the inside of the towel hang loop.
A: The first icon means “machine wash medium” (40°C/110°F temp). The second means that this towel is safe for use with non-chlorine bleach. The third icon means “do not dry clean”. Here's a guide for decoding these and other international wash symbols.
A: Yes. Tumble dry on low heat or opt to reduce your carbon footprint by line drying after wringing out excess water.
A: The recycled polyester yarn comes mainly from the PET (plastic) used in disposable water or soda bottles. Most recycling of PET into yarns uses a mechanical process, essentially melting and re-extruding. This results in thick filaments that are coarse against your skin, don't absorb water well and take a long time to dry (hardly what you want in a towel). We work with a facility that uses a special partial re-polymerization process. This creates fine, smooth yarn that soaks up water efficiently, dries quickly and has a soft, microfiber feel against your skin.
A: If you've ever left a damp cotton towel in your gym bag, you know that odor-causing bacteria don't take long to grow. Microfiber towels are the same, with the added challenge that travelling often means there's little opportunity to dry your towel. It spends more time in the bottom of your bag than it would at home. So an effective antibacterial treatment is essential for manage odors. Finding an effective antibacterial treatment that was both eco-friendly and durable was not easy. The antimicrobial treatments used in most microfiber towels contain biocides, which present significant environmental health hazards, so we ruled these out. Next, we looked at flora and fauna based treatments such as bamboo, crab shells or coconut husks. However, our field and wash testing demonstrated that these treatments couldn't meet the needs of outdoor travelers for either effectiveness or wash durability. We also considered silver ion treatments. But the silver nanoparticles used in ordinary ion treatments detach easily from the yarn during repeated wash cycles and get flushed into aquatic environments. Recent studies suggest that they have the potential to damage aquatic creatures and plants. We had almost given up and were resigned to suggesting that you dry your travel towel thoroughly between uses, which is just not very convenient. Then we discovered a silver ion treatment from Swiss-based HeiQ (insert link). This bluesign®-screened treatment provides a significantly more stable bond to the towel yarn than conventional treatments. The reason for this is larger silver particles. The particles used in HeiQ's treatment measure between 1 and 3 micrometers, an order of magnitude larger than nanoparticles, which are 0.1 micrometers or less. These larger particles adhere to the yarn for a longer time. When they do eventually detach and enter the environment via laundry waste water, their ecological impact is significantly lower than nanoparticles. This is because the larger particles bond more easily with sulfur in the environment and form a fairly inert and harmless silver sulfide compound. The Active Travel Towel is comfortable against your skin, dries quickly and retains its antimicrobial qualities through extended use. All of this while reducing its ecological footprint with recycled material and a minimum-impact anti-odor treatment.



Leaner: 100% recycled polyester yarn.
Cleaner: Biocide-free antibacterial treatment.
Greener: You can have a positive impact on our planet through the gear you choose.
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