Kahveh Sleeve

Kahveh Sleeve

$17.00 CAD

The Kahveh sleeve embodies the historical maxim that “good design reveals itself through its end use”. Working under the hammer of this self-imposed standard, we designed, tested and tweaked what has become the Kahveh; our contribution to making the lives of coffee and hot beverage drinkers more enjoyable. The striking design is loaded with practical features that will gradually reveal themselves to Kahveh users in the fullness of daily usage; here’s a shortcut primer:

  • Screw on lid can be configured for right or left handed use, and ensures no leaks around lid rim or unexpected pop-offs!
  • Proprietary, sliding drinking cover is spill-proof; features a convex curve of the drink area to help minimize liquids from pooling and cooling.
  • Ergonomic lid features a convex curve to minimize nose contact when drinking and a drip resistant sipping lip.
  • Main body features food grade 304 18/8 stainless steel.
  • Vacuum insulated construction is vastly superior to conventional double wall used on most conventional mugs; fluids stay warmer longer, plus the exterior does not transmit heat, making it easier to hold, when used with hot drinks.
  • Tapered bell shape is stable yet fits most train or car drink holders.

Capacity: 400 ml/13.5 oz — Weight: 340g/12oz


For best insulation performance, condition vacuum bottle by filling with hot or cold water for 5-10 minutes with stopper screwed on immediately prior to use.


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