Custom Branding

Summary of Custom Printing and Etching:

Get your logo printed or laser etched on select styles of INNATE drinking containers. All Innate products are subject to raw materials testing and are made in socially responsible facilities. Our message behind your message is consistent with the values you want to present with any product identified with your logo.

This is a great way for businesses, schools, teams and organizations to commemorate a special event or promote their identity with attractive, durable containers.

Here is an outline of how it works:

  • STEP 1.Download and fill out our custom branding order form.
  • STEP 2.Submit your order with your sample artwork to
  • STEP 3.We send you a moc-up to approve before printing begins.
  • STEP 4.You make a deposit.
  • STEP 5.We complete and ship the order to you.


Information for Custom Printing and Etching:

You can download our order form here. Please contact us at if you need more information.

We are pleased to offer custom printing and etching services for select INNATE drinking containers. Custom branding of INNATE containers is a great way for businesses, schools, teams and organizations to commemorate a special event or promote their identity with attractive, durable containers. A custom printed INNATE container will show that you want to help reduce the more than 25 billion single-use plastic water bottles sold in North America.

  • Choosing INNATE containers for custom printing adds an important and compelling sub-text to your organization’s message: Innate has a “best-in-class” raw materials testing program that provides good value to your pocket book backed by market-leading manufacturing and environmental standards.
  • Our raw materials chain of custody process is designed to ensure there are no endocrine activity disrupting phthalates including Bisphenol-A (BPA), to meet US FDA, Cal. Prop 65 and European Norm food container standards.



1. Instruction for Ordering Custom Printed INNATE Containers

*Please Note: To ensure that we give you the best possible service, we request that all custom branding inquiries, questions, orders and confirmations be sent by email.

  • When you are ready to order, please fill out the custom printing order form and email us at
  • Please email the completed form along with your sample artwork (vector image – .a, .ai, .eps or .svg file) to
  • Once we have received your completed form and artwork, we will confirm receipt and provide information on availability and timing within 2 business days.
  • Once you receive our return email, we will prepare a proof for your review and approval.
  • We will send a proof for you to approve before printing begins.
  • Note that once you approve the artwork, the custom branding will be done to these specifications with no further revisions.
  • Upon receipt of your proof approval, and before printing can begin, a 50% deposit or full payment may be required depending on your account status.


2. Ordering Small Quantities and Fast Turnaround vs. Large Orders with Logo Lead Times.

2.1. Custom Printing Done in North America:

  • We can offer printed single color logos and laser etching using this method.
  • This is best if you need a quick turnaround or have small to medium sized quantities.
  • See our order form for detailed information on maximum printable areas. Printing is done at American facilities.
  • Minimum order quantity for custom branding is 72 units for a given style and size.
  • Within the 72 units of a single style and size, you can order an assortment of colors as long as these are purchased in multiples of 6. For example, you would need to order 72 Doppio 6.5oz Tumblers to meet our minimum order requirements, but you can order these as 24 Stainless, 24 Midnight Blue, 12 Matte Black and 6 Green Tea and 6 Fuchsia.
  • You are welcome to purchase more than the minimum order. All additional quantities on top of the initial 72 units must be in multiples of 24 per one style and size.
  • Turnaround time is 2-5 weeks depending on project complexity.

Ask about our specials on in stock clear out styles and colors!

2.2. Custom Printing for Large Orders:

  • Ideal for larger quantities of more than 1000 units. Printing will be done at our contract production facility.
  • We can offer printed three color logos or single color laser etching.
  • Turnaround time is 3-4 months depending on complexity of project.


3. Artwork File Preparation Guide

Here are some guidelines to help you prepare your artwork:

Supported File Types:

  • Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg or .jpeg) may be acceptable.
    Best results are usually obtained with a “vector image” (a .ai, .eps, or .svg file). File Size: maximum 100 KB.


  • Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors must be stated in artwork.
  • Note: For all Pantone (PMS) colors we cannot guarantee an exact PMS match due to technical issues that sometimes occur in the printing process.


  • When submitting a “master image” (a .gif, .jpg, or file), keep the resolution close to 300 or 600 dpi. If submitting a JPEG, set the quality to 80 percent or more to reduce image distortion.


  • Crop your image close to the edges of the logo. Our proof preparation system resizes the image according to the space available on the product imprint area and does not differentiate between the logo and the white space surrounding it.

Text & Line Weight:

  • Please bear in mind, for printing of logos and artwork, the thinner the lines or the finer the text used in a logo, the less chance there is of achieving good results. Laser etching can render thinner lines with more accuracy.