Stainless Steel Mugs & Tumblers

Coffee stranger? We love coffee and are proud to introduce our modest contribution to furthering the enjoyment of this civilized global drink. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the origins of the word coffee come from the Turkish word Kahveh which is their pronounciation of the Arabic name “qahwah” which originally meant ‘a sort of wine’. Coffee culture is believed to have started with tribes in Ethiopia and travelled via Arab traders to Constantinople where, again according to the Oxford Dictionary, in 1475, Kiva Han, the first recorded coffee shop was opened. The concept of hanging out and drinking coffee appealed to Italian traders who introduced coffee to western Europe in the early 1600’s. In Italy coffee preparation became an art form via the espresso method where the brewing process is done by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee. Espresso coffee is often served in 1 ounce shots, but we like the 2 ounce version, the Doppio. The espresso migrated to the new world via super-charging a cup of drip coffee with a shot; enter the Americano.

Our mugs and tumblers are named in honour of these coffee milestones; give them a try, we hope our efforts will be enjoyed by you and friends over coffee and conversation.

Americano Deluxe Tumbler NEW Imperial Tumbler Doppio Tumbler Deluxe
Kahveh Vacuum Mug Deluxe Saison Tumbler NEW Camp Cup
Vivo Vacuum Sleeve DOPPIO
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