Innate is clean design built for active lives and timeless experiences. Our product collection of essentials for travel, food and drink delivers seamless performance while helping our customers live healthy, active lives.
Innate was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2009 by climber, surfer and inveterate traveler Greg Foweraker. A passion for the outdoors and a need for better essentials led to the creation of products that improve the quality of active lives, while reducing our ecological footprint.
Innate products are essentials built to help you pursue your passions and dreams. At Innate, our culture embraces the value of sharing experiences and forward thinking best expressed in our design philosophy of Leaner, Cleaner, Greener.
In May 2015, Innate was purchased by GSI Outdoors, an iconic, family-owned, Spokane, Washington based outdoor cooking and tableware brand. They have been designing, making and enriching outdoor experiences since 1985. We are excited about moving forward with the GSI team. They share our focus on creating products that are cleanly designed, innovative and, most importantly, fun! Onward!